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You are the newest version of God’s Glory, Genesis Global alleged, John Bada responded



Branch of the Celestial Church of Christ, Genesis Global Parish at Alakuko, Lagos state, have got the most unbearable respond from John Bada following a post made by the Parish on her Facebook page that shepherd heading the Parish, Israel Oladele, that was sentenced to two years imprisonment for defrauding a London based woman is the NEWEST VERSION OF GOD’S GLORY.

Genesis Global who took to her Facebook page on Thursday night, 19th of November 2020, saying Israel Oladele is the newest version of God’s Glory and he shouldn’t back out of God’s purpose for his life has generated many response from different category of people in the social.


John Bada responding to some of the comment coming out from the post said he don’t really knows how a person like Oladele Israel (GENESIS GLOBAL) will be called a man of God.

John Bada also said that “a man of God is a person with holy spirit of God who fears God. How can one with all his or her sanity call him a man of God. Does having a church necessarily amount mean a person is a man of God no.”

Read John Bada full response below

Muyiwa KaakuI really don’t know how a person like Genesis will be called a man of God. A man of God is a person with holy spirit of God who fears God. How can one with all his or her sanity call him a man of God. Does having a church necessarily amount mean a person is a man of God no. You can have a church for business to make money and enjoy power and influence over people but that does not make you a man of God. A man of God is a person of conscience who fears God and obeys his commands.. A man of God will not commit the criminal offence that earned him a conviction and sentence to prison. A man of God will not defraud his fellow human being, that is stealing it means he is a thief no other word for it. . How could there be the holy spirit in such a person and what will he be preaching and teaching his members. One can now understand well why he is behaving the way he has been behaving in our church embarrassing the church and it’s members all this time and disrespecting God. Can you imagined him bringing worldly musician into our church like Wasiu Ayinde who call himself Olu Aye to to sing during his year harvest. Is that not absurd. Is Wasiu a Christian who has given his life to Jesus. With what spirit will he sing to the church and God. This fellow Genesis was also the first person to allow a woman to climb our pulpit and preach sermon just because of money. I believe God just felt it’s time to punished him and disgrace him before the world. People who are still calling him a man of God or Shepherd need to check themselves. The day he came to chat me in box on messenger and he said he appreciate all I write on Facebook I told him to come and see me because I can see he doesn’t know and understand this our church and there is a lot I need to let him know about it because it’s a two edged sword it can save and can also destroy. Instead of coming to see me he ran away. That was last year. Now this has happened. May God forgive him.

Henry Kelvin You this children amazes me, Do you know who you are talking to. Who is Genisis that I can’t call him to see me. Apart from been far older than him, I have been a confirmed Shepherd of this church as far back as 1976. When was Genesis born not to talk of joining the church. He doesn’t even know Papa Oshoffa and my father Baba Bada. How will a person like him be a Shepherd if they are alive particularly with his abusing the tenets and injunctions of the church and virtually turning his parish to a Pentecostal church and doing a lot of nonsense and uncelestial things there. The other day he was conducting baptism in a swimming pool. What nonsense is that is that how God gave it to the church. Watching him over this few years he started i know he doesn’t have the qualities and character of a Shepherd of this our church. The church is not for smart people it’s for those who fear God and have his holy spirit in them that controls their lives and directs them. A man of God will not fall into the hand of Satan like he did without been rescued by God but who could rescues you when God himself is dealing with you. Have not wondered how just a sum of eleven million naira can send him to jail. Is it that he cannot raise such an amount of money with interest and pay off the woman but that didn’t happened. That should tell you something that something far greater than him is at work against him. We have warned him severally but he didn’t listen. Just this morning a Shepherd of one of our parishes in Abeokuta who is close to him was telling me who much he spoke to him to change his ways but he refused. Am sure God waited for him to change but he didn’t and that is why he is punishing him now because if he doesn’t approve of it, it won’t happened. God does not respect any human being and when deals with you he deals with you like you are a nobody he has he has killed kings for disobedience and disregards to him and has turned a king of a great kingdom to live like an animal for years. He is God. I really pity you young people because you didn’t know the Celestial Church of Christ we were born in and grew up in. My prayer is for his light to be in you people and lead you right. But you must be humble and well behaved. May God be with you.





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