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Woli Arole appears in mad man form begging for food in Lagos Road



Nigeria popular comedian, actor and air Personality, Mayegun Oluwatoyin well know as WOLI AROLE yesterday appeared in Mad man form in Lagos state road begging for money and food.


According to a post made by Woli Arole on his Facebook page this morning, the comedian said anyone that saw a mentally ill person around Shoprite yesterday, stopping cars, begging for arms, begging for food. That was Woli Arole, he said.

Woli Arole dressed in mad man form to celebrate world mental health 2020.

Read full story below:

If you saw a “MENTALLY iLL” person around Shoprite yesterday, stopping cars, begging for alms, begging for food. That was “WOLI AROLE”. I am the image of a lot of people “Mental State”. Some people get dressed looking nice and go to work, some people look so beautiful but are “Mentally Unstable” This was just my own way of advocating, sensitizing and creating awareness for “Mental Health”. Celebrating #worldmentalhealth2020. A man nearly hit with his car, I ran 😩.

Mental Health is not really the same as insanity or madness or mental illness in itself. It is about the general mental wellbeing of individuals, ensuring that one has a healthy mental wellbeing. It is in the very little things like stress, anxiety, worries, restlessness, sadness, anger, etc.It starts from the very little things that we ignore on a day-to-day, especially as Nigerians.My message this #WorldMentalHealthDay2020 is that people look after themselves and each other, showing random acts of kindness and just being a kind person in general. Stay healthy, healthy mind, healthy body.🎗

A lot of people are going through “Mental stress”, some people look like it, some don’t look like it. Some are mentally challenged, some are mentally ill. “Mental Health” is a State of emotional, psychological and social well being and it should be taken seriously. Commensurating the #worldmentalhealth2020 today!!!!!