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Will Oke Allows The Ilaje’s Perish The Way Akeredolu Want It If Elected Governor Of Ondo




Will Oke Allows The Ilaje’s Perish The Way Akeredolu Want It If Elected Governor Of Ondo State? Is a case study on how the present Ondo state led government has abandoned the state of the Ilaje and her humans to perish due to no insistences of social amenities.


Being a governor and first citizen of a state, is your primary responsibility to look at all affairs of your state. But reverse is the case of Akeredolu.


Another election time is right here now, Akeredolu has started  going scatter scatter just to retain power to govern one aspect and abandoned other aspect that feed the state to perish.


Four years ago, Akeredolu and Agboola looted votes from the southwest of Ondo state with a failed promises to restored light in the region, to build roads, hospitals, schools and more. 


It was later discovered after four years that Akeredolu purposely came to destroyed the Ilaje land and her people.


If you think that l am wrong or lied on all the point I will be giving right below here, argued with your ancestors and proved me wrong  after visiting google to got yourself shamed.


Ilaje Local Government Area have not for once included in the yearly Ondo State budget since the regime of Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu.


With a lot of projects that has been carried out by this present government of Akeredolu in the state, there is no project that was constructed anywhere in Ilaje LGA in the name of Ondo state.


On 15th March 2018, Akeredolu flag off construction of N19.3 billion (Araromi) shoreline linking Ilaje, Ondo to Lagos without any contractor on site. The Araromi Seaside linking Lagos is a project of NDDC and OSOPADEC in the state.


The governor only went there to flagoff  the project as the first citizen in the state. I say it again, Ilaje LGA has never included in Ondo state yearly budget because Akeredolu has not implemented  anything in the area since 2016.


It is now cleared to us the ILAJES that Akeredolu and his government are deceiving us, he lied to us who voted him into that office. 


Company that supposed to create employment for the people of Ilaje are dying gradually. No plan in place to bring it back to life. 


His dogs are killing innocent Ilajes people. There is nothing to talk about the sea invading Ilaje land due to the crude oil taping by Shell and other big company’s in the region. 


Many has gone, house/home has gone, property and business has gone still for the issues of sea invading Ilaje land. No light in the region. No social amenities for the young to excel in all areas life. 


The roads are bad. Education in Ilaje land is none to talk about. Is only by God Grace the Ilaje’s people are where they are today. 


Some months back, the Nigeria Naval Officers attached to Igbokoda burnt down a multimillion pharmacy store wrongly, accusing the bearer of trading black market. 


In their (Naval Officer) publication, they said the bearer wanted to escape through back door citing them when they were on patrol. And it was discovered after several investigation that the store have one entrance only.


The All Past Criminal (APC) is a cursed to Ondo state, mostly the southwest. Is it that N30 million is a whole lot for a state to pay to BEDC to restored light in Ilaje, ESE-ODO, Irele and Okitipupa local government area? Where as in a month, the ruler who called themselves thieves are looting more than a billion naira amongst themselves.


My question now is, will Olusola Oke allow the Ilajes to perish the way Akeredolu want it if elected executive governor of Ondo state? This question came into mind because the All Past Criminal APC, are of the feathers. 


Mr Oke, are you not going to loots money meant to carry out construction work in the southwest the way Gada-KIRIBO Igbekebo bridge money is being looted by thieves who claimed to be a good son of the land? If elected Ondo governor.


Again, the honorable representative from state house assembly, house of representative member and senator representing Ondo southwest, can’t you fight for your people? They sent you there to represent them. 


How many bills have you sponsored in the house in the interest of who you’re representing. 


Though, how can someone who didn’t attend plenary in the house be able to sponsored bill in the interest of his/her people? No way.


It has been so tough, rough for the southwest of Ondo state, mostly the Ilajes. Demola Suzi also ask through his song that “IS IT THAT THE ILAJES HAS SWORE AN OAT WITH THE IDOL NOT TO HAVE LIGHT”? 


 Ilaje wake up from your slumber.