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Wike laughed at Amaechi and said, “I taught him politics.”



Nyesom Wike, Governor of Rivers State, said that he had taught political courses to Transport Minister Rotimi Amaechi.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, his special assistant (media), Kevin Ebiri, cited as governor, despite Amaechi’s opposition to his political ambitions, saying that he has been able to be elected for governor twice.

“They said we will not be Governor, we taught them a lesson in politics. In 2015, they said over their dead body will we be Governor, I’m looking for the dead body. 2019 they said we will not be Governor, that they are in power. I said you are not in power, God is in power. We defeated them. They are small kids in politics,” he indicated.

He also accused the federal government of blocking Amaechi from corruption prosecutions.

Wike said that although the minister “was unable to account for $308 million from the sale of state-owned power plants and other important assets when he was governor of Rivers, the federal government’s actions were shocking.”

The governor said that Amaechi’s protection is the reason why he has been trying to undermine the state government by “influencing who will be appointed as the commissioner of police and commander-in-chief of the Nigerian Army to Rivers State.”

Wike reiterate; “People gave you an opportunity. You (Amaechi) sold our property for $308 Million and kept $208,000 for us”

“But let me warn the man who thinks he has President, he has soldiers, he has police. You should have learnt your lesson by now, that when God has left you there is nothing you can do again.”

However, Wike was Amaechi allies who served as chief of staff to him before he got appointed a minister of state for education when Amaechi was governing Rivers State between 2007 and 2015 respectively.

It was however reported that Wike start having clash with Amaechi during the 2015 general election buildup.

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