When I Made This Decision, I Had Just 8000, Lady Reveals How She Sold Over 2K Plates Of Food

A lady has revealed how she was able to sell over two thousand (2000) plates of food after starting her business with the sum of N8000 only back in 2019.

The young lady who is simply identified as ‘BUBBLES’ revealed this through the means of her Twitter handle @Najitey_.

The lady said in 2019, after job hunting for weeks in Enugu, she called her man and said she will be coming back to Benin in Edo State and she was going to start her own business.

Bubbles said she made this decision having only N8000 in her savings and she just needed enough money to get by. she revealed that after two years, she never thought her business would have raised enough money to put her through culinary school.

In a series of tweets, the lady wrote:

I still remember 2 years ago,after job hunting for weeks in Enugu. I called my man & said I was coming back to Benin & I was going to start my own business, when I made this decision I had just 8000 in my account and I just needed enough money to get by..

I didn’t think 2 years after my business would have raised enough money to put me through culinary school, bruh I’ve grown tremendously ! I’ve sold over 2000 plates of food (excluding bowls), moved to a different city twice abd still sold food. Small me ? Lol

Had my first gig as a private chef too ! A lot of times I forget how far I’ve come, I think I’m not doing enough but today I’m grateful…. Just grateful! For anyone who needs to see this, your dreams are valid, you are doing enough, you’ve come this far, don’t give up!

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