Super TV CEO Micheal Ataga’s Alleged Killer, Chidinma Ojukwu Crowned Miss Cell

Miss Chidinma Ojukwu, who allegedly killed Super TV CEO Micheal Ataga, has been crowned “Miss Cell 2022” at Kirikiri Correctional Facility.

University of Lagos student Ojukwu, 21, who allegedly stabbed the victim in Leckie, Lagos in 2021, became Miss Cell 2022 in a beauty pageant organised by the Correctional Centre to mark International Women’s Day 2022 .

The development was confirmed to BBC Pidgin by Francis Inobol, a national spokesman for the Nigerian Correctional Service, who said Ojukwu had been involved in the project like other prisoners.

According to her, the facility hosts events to mark International Women’s Day in 2022.

“Some cell blocks presented drama while some organized beauty pageantry, so there were different events in each block and so many winners emerged.

“Chidinma is also an inmate so we cannot stop her from participating just because of her case. Her own block did beauty pageantry.

“The inmates had approached the officer in charge that they wanted to have a program to commemorate the International Women’s Day and their request was approved”.

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