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Right Activist Deji call out Segalink to account for N500M #ENDSARS missing funds



Segun Awosayan, well know as Segalink is the convener of #ENDSARS group.

Human Right Activist, convener, Concerned Nigeria (CN), Mr Deji Adeyanju on Friday called out convener of #ENDSARS group, Segun Awosayan well know as Segalink to account for the N500 million #ENDSARS missing funds.

According to report gathered by Early Reporters, the said funds was part of the money donated in the #ENDSARS Bitcoin account to support the struggle. The Bitcoin account was reportedly emptied early this week.

The account is being monitored by an NGOs, Feminist Coalition.

Deji reacting to the missing N500 million, he said he is a talk and do man. If Segalink and the other persons he knows are in charge of #ENDSARS fund can’t account for the missing money, they should be ready to face the rot of the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC), Deji said.

“Account for all monies you received for #EndSARS or face EFCC. Go and ask around, anything I say, I will do it.

“I called out SEGA & will do same for all of you no matter your wailing and tears. And if you don’t account for every kobo left with you for #EndSARS, there will be consequences.

“I will personally do a petition to EFCC on this #EndSARS money. Don’t joke with me. You guys better come clean and give account for every kobo donated.

Stan mantas, a Twitter user responding to Deji twit, he said; When sowore accused some people of coming out of endsars. Meeting rich we called him names now some people are looting the proceeds, he said.

Another user said Abdul Mahmud, an advocate/Defendant of the #ENDSARS protester was busy traveling and stressing his old body through states to ensure he get #ENDSARS victims justice. He was spending his personal funds, entering keke napep, friends supported his movements with cash and he accounted for it. But some Gen Z folks were busy lounging, Nimrod stated

Nimrod also write, “Lounging with donations for #EndSARS and even lobbying Jack to get them verified on this app . Others were posting thirst traps while others were busy doing the fist signs for the papers. But @segalink was the enemy of the people abi ? Clap for unasefs.”

Mr. Abdul Mahmud responding to Nimrod twit write; “Those were tough times. Literarily fought my friends privately, blackmailed them. There were kind ones – like the guy in Iba near LASU who emptied his last 2k in his account; and my friend, facing marital crisis who chipped in; and my secret diaspora friend who chipped large.

“and kept in touch while I crisscrossed SE – and my missus who rescued me twice when I blew my flight ticket money. You know me nau; everything about me goes into a cause- more so that my frugal life allows it. Of course, there was my “Aussie” pally – he backs me all the time.

“Wish I could commence the 2nd limb of our legal challenge – file multi million naira suits in the high court against the police for the unlawful killings – and it is what I intend to do anytime soon. There must be consequences for the killings of the innocent Nigerians. Mahmud said.





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