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Reno Omokri: Buhari arrested in London



Reno Omokri, a former aide to former President Goodluck Jonathan, said the protesters had put President Muhammadu Buhari under house arrest in London.

Buhari is currently undergoing a medical examination in London.

Since the President arrived in the UK last week, riots have occurred in Nigeria and abroad.

Although critics complained that his departure coincided with the resident doctor’s strike, demonstrators besieged the former residence of Nigeria’s diplomatic mission in London, where the president usually stays in Abuja during his visit to the UK.

Omokri was one of the leaders of the protest.

In a tweet on Monday, Omokri said, “I am still in London keeping ‪@MBuhari‬ under house arrest. He does not have certificate. He does not have empathy. He does not have shame. He does not have a conscience. He does not have integrity. But he wants UK doctors.

“Join me to ‪#HarassBuhariOutofLondon‬. 2 Campden Hill, W8 7AD.”

Omokri later said that it was suspected that Buhari were peeping at the demonstrators in front of the former residence of Abuja.

He claimed that the president was imprisoned in the house and could not see his doctor.

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