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Muslims And Christians Must Work For Nigeria’s Unity – Cleric



An Islamic scholar, Ustadh Muhammad Jamiu Tirmidhi Akano, has advised the faithful of different religions in the country, especially Islam and Christianity, to focus on areas of similarities instead of differences to promote peaceful unity and coexistence.

Ustadh Akano gave the councils on Saturday while he delivered 1442 Ah (2021) Previous reading to Ramadan organized jointly by the FCT chapters of the Organization of Tadhamunul Muslimen (OTM) and the Muslim Congress (TMC).

The scholar, who spoke about ‘Ramadan: the month of fostering unity, “warned those who defend the dismemberment of the country as adaptation to the challenges of separation would not be easy for all.

He foreseen the failure with the current agitation to establish the “Republic of Oduduwa” and the “Republic of Biafra”, citing the case of North and South Sudan, whose economies had been in danger, as they made the decision to separate.

The President, the Expert Imam Committee, the Zakat and Sadaqah Foundation, Lagos, said that Islam trains its adherents to be peaceful and maintain unity among all men, regardless of color, culture, race, language and religion.

He said with unity and union, the population of Nigeria would become an opportunity to cultivate the economy and remain a threat to enemies who might want to seek an incursion to our territories.

Akano said: “Islam preaches unity and peaceful co-existence among people. Allah (SWT), in His infinite Mercies, firmly establishes the five (5) pillars of Islam upon peace and unity among all and sundry indiscriminately.

“We should find beautiful ways and better means of resolving emanating grievances. Dialogue and table talk are much preferred.

“Government at all levels should have more respect for religion and its adherents (NSCIA, JNI, MUSWEN, NIREC and other bodies). They must all be up to the task of controlling their members.

“We should encourage good home training for the grown-up ones. The outlook of our society are representatives contributed by each family.”

He stressed the need to pursue good governance that will guarantee equitable distribution and national resources services, withdrawal of licenses for the importation of arms, disarmament of bandits and armed thieves, and awarding of amnesty where and when necessary for the “deserving criminals”, and treat “properly” with “ardent” that refused to fulfill.

The Executive President or the Interested Authority, he underlined, should take full control of the importation of weapons and firearms in the country.

The cleric, which underlined the need for the total guidance of citizens requested the adoption of local languages ​​as a means of communication (Lingua-Franca).

“Our education system should make it mandatory that Hausa-Fulani learn Igbo and Yoruba language and vice versa,” he added.

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