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I salute your courage, ruggedity and doggedness for this struggle in the reality of a new Nigeria. You are spearheading a move as a catalyst of our desired expectations even though many are hiding and not acknowledging your efforts but some us value your selfless commitment.

Thank you for making it clear to us that rule of law isn’t functional in our country again as we now have “rule of force” in a time like this.
Thank you for making us realize that due process of your detainment wasn’t observed and the federal government has lot of things behind the scene against you that’s why they are against you addressing the press.

Thank you for making us know that we are slaves in our country under the rulership of a tyrant. As the yoruba adage goes; “the breeze has blown and we have seen the ass of the chicken”.

We are in a country where our rulers and task masters are using the tears of the downtrodden masses to drink wine as they merry with our agonies.

Now, we know that our rulers are taking us as a kid who was beaten and spanked for nothing but instructed not to cry out with option to express his agony from within. Our heart is bleeding and we are staining the beds of our expectations with tears day by day with hope that seems as though the reality is on vacation.

It is more obvious that a security agent can be empowered above a judge of a legal system and the Nigeria court can become a temporary headquarter of impunity. It appears as though the administration that claimed to be fighting corruption are actually fighting the right of the people in reality.

In this administration, we have seen federal security agents acting as terrorists on mask at the federal house of assembly and the one that mopped you recently in court have no identity as we can propose that our security agents are becoming assassins in disguise.

It is becoming more gruesome when our EFCC can be that active to see to sentencing a yahoo yahoo boy in two weeks for deceiving a foreigner but our “barawo barawo men” who are politicians that stole hundreds of millions from our national treasury pend on been sentenced for a decade till the charges against them are withdrawn and forgotten.

We are sorry for keeping so quite about your detainment for over 126 days as we feel we are yet to feel the heat personally as other young people that you are also fighting their cause see you as been ambitious because they have pledged allegiance to party politics and this administration is servicing their pockets as they rob them of their future.

We are sorry for being myopic as we feel our prayers for a revolution will come by God sending angels or aliens to our country as many are ignorant that we are the transformation and our victory is with us as we collectively rise against every one and systems that are anti our nation’s deliverance from abnormalities.

Please forgive us as it seems as though we are not ready for what we desire for our nation that has made us cry, that has made us lose our peace, that has taken our dignity, that has made us unsafe and things that are against our unity as a nation.

Please forgive us for been silent when we should be loud about our oppressors and the enemies of our progress who are planning to kill us for expressing our distress and discomfort even when they are aware that they are responsible for our pains as they hide under the umbrella of “hate speech bill”.
We are sorry for disappointing you as we are smiling in our suffering as many have resigned to fate and feel the best thing to do in this critical moment is to make a jest of it on the social media and continue with our “feel good syndrome”.

We are assuring you that we are waking up gradually from our slumber as it is occurring to us that we can’t allow our future being sabotaged in our very own eyes as it appears as though our nation is sailing on the turbulence of barbaric acts and inhuman waves.

We salute your courage and share in your pain comrade.

We are awaken and our eyes are now opened. We are not taking you labours and efforts over time for granted. We are proud of you.

I’m a Nigerian, I believe in a new Nigeria and our revolution is on the way.

Omoyele Sowore SoworeNow Sahara Reporters SAHARA REPORTS Masterpiece David Olawade