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Late Enikanoselu Family Calls On Ondo Government, IGP To Investigate Murder Of Their Kinsman By Mickey Jagga



Family Calls On Ondo Government, IGP To Investigate Murder Of Their Kinsman Enikanoselu By Mickey Jagga


Family members of late Elder Enikanoselu ( Adam & Eve) has cried out to Ondo state government, Inspector General of Police to immediately investigate the frightful murder of their kinsman ( Elder Enikanoselu)   by a notorious and serial Jailbird Oladun Micheal, popularly known as Mickey-Jagga on the 2nd day of May 2020, in Okitipupa LGA.


It is a truism that Mr Enikanoselu was with a friend at  Bakko Hotel, in the Ebuté area of Okitipupa on the said date when he suddenly received a telephone call from  Oladun Michael aka Mickey Jagga. While revealing the details of the conversation to the said friend, he opinionated that the Kingsman should not honour Mickey Jagga’ s invitation.


He however decided to honour Mickey’s  invitation due to an unresolved  land dispute between them. The Subject matter is a plot of land sold since 2012 from the acres of land rightfully and legally acquired with title.


Mickey Jagga claimed he acquired same plot of  land from an unknown person and sold it to another lawyer without tittle document. The lawyer started building illegally on the said land and Mr Enikanoselu through legal means stopped the said lawyer from carrying out further action on the land.


However, Mickey has expressed readiness over the phone  to settle the matter amicably and pay compensation to the tune of One Million, Five Hundred Thousand Naira ( 1,500,000) as earlier agreed by both Parties and this was why the deceased left for Oladun Micheal’s (Mickey Jagga) house on the unfortunate day.


Getting to Mickey Jagga’s house, the narrative changed, argument might have ensued and Mickey aggressively stabbed Mr Enikanoselu with a broken bottle ( as proven by medical records) on his arm.


The deceased picked up his phone and called Mr Bakko to inform him on the level of violence melted on him by the scoundrel. As if that was not enough, Mickey Jagga left grievous bodily harm on the body of Elder Enikanoselu with deep cuts on his  Neck and Head.


Whilst Mr Bakko was on his way to Mickey’s house to rescue the deceased, Mickey Jagga’s wife had already called the Police stating that his husband is about to injure someone. Before the Police got to the scene, Mickey has already taken the deceased  to Omosanya Hospital for treatment, sadly the Doctor declined treating Elder Enikanoselu on the account that he’s not interested in any Police case.


Late Elder Enikanoselu In Hospital

Late Elder Enikanoselu In Hospital


He was immediately rushed  to the Okitipupa General Hospital where members of his immediate family were contacted and one of his Sons was able to meet him before he gave up the ghost after losing so much blood.


“As a family, we painfully bring this facts to the fore due to the contradictory lies being peddled around by Oladun Michael aka Mickey Jagga and the statements tabled before the Police.”


Mickey earlier affirmed that the deceased fell from his storey building and later he changed his statement alleging that Mr Enikanoselu slipped off his floor.


This are two contradictory statements and both excuses cannot validly out weight the medical evidence/record from the Okitipupa General Hospital and the call made by the wife, the family said.


”We implore the Ondo State Governor and the Inspector General of Police not to allow this matter be swept under the carpet as usual.”


Its in the public knowledge that Oladun Micheal aka Mickey Jagga is a Political thug and have severally been tried and convicted for various criminal offence since 2003 till date.


Mickey never stopped inflicting pains and causing more havoc to the people of Okitipupa Local Government and his environs.


He has been banned severally by the Oba’s in Ilaje, Irele and Okitipupa local government but will always  find his way back due to his Political influence in the State.


“Justice must not only be done on this matter, it must be seen to be done, so we don’t have too many deaths from one single miscreant who goes out killing people unapologetically, recidivistically and unremorsefully.”


The dead cannot cry out for Justice, it is the duty of the living to do so for them.


“More importantly, we are not seeking revenge, we are seeking Justice. We will stand to see that no other family suffer similar fate from the hands of a Villain like Oladun Michael aka Mikky Jagga.”







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