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The Honourable Commissioner for Science and Technology, Mr. Hakeem Fahm, who made the disclosure at a workshop on Cyber Security Awareness, noted that the internet offered a lot of opportunities and the State government intends to ensure that the people derive the utmost benefit from its usage.

He revealed that the workshop is a joint effort between the Lagos State Government and Cyber Security Experts Association of Nigeria [CSEAN] aimed at championing the cause and awareness of information security best practices in Nigeria.

According to a post make in Lagos state official website, the Commissioner said, “The nature of cybercrime goes beyond national boundaries; hence, there is a need for international initiative and concerted trans-border joint actions in fighting cybercrime and also providing bulwarks against its perpetuation”.

“The major driving force for the cybercrime awareness in Lagos State is its apparent potential to reduce cybercrime which in-turn has a significant impact on our collective gains as a Ministry that focuses on creating a crime-free society”, he added.

While noting that cybercrime is steadily increasing in Nigeria in recent times due to the large access to mobile phones and the internet, Fahm opined that the fight against cybercrime requires a collective effort and responsibility.

In his words, “Mobile penetration and internet use make cyberspace a valuable arena for the exchange of goods and services for monetary compensation, but such use also fuels cybercrime”.

The Commissioner, however, listed some internet security safety tips such as making use of strong and unique passwords and using different passwords for different sites; installing up-to-date security on computers; watching out for suspicious emails, text messages or phone calls and remembering to always log out when you have completed all transactions amongst others.

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