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Kogi police secretly arrested Arraign Buhari-Must-Go protesters and remanded them in prison



The Kogi State Police Department secretly interrogated the two Buhari-must-go protesters Larry Emmanuel and Victor Udoka in court without allowing them to contact their lawyers.

The police reluctantly harassed the peaceful demonstrators and ensured that they were remanded in Kabbah prison without knowing their lawyers or family members.

It is reported that the allegations of the lawsuit were neither brought to the public nor to the identity of the magistrate who conducted the trial.

Earlier today, it was reported that the police in Kogi State refused to send two Buhari-must-go protesters. They were besieged by hooligans sponsored by the state government and then taken to the police headquarters.

According to reports, the protesters’ lawyers have been unable to see them since Monday because the police claiming that the two have refused to take them to the lawyers.

This is a sequelae of the torture of middle-aged demonstrators who posted Buhari-must go posters in Lokoja, the capital of Kogi State, on Sunday.

According to a viral video circulated by the media, the mob whipped the two young people into a movie, filmed them and treated them cruelly before handing them over to the police.

According to the collection, the police subsequently tested the two protesters and detained them when they insisted on meeting with a lawyer before making a statement.

“The lawyers have been there for two days now and the police haven’t produced them. The police commissioner in Kogi could not produce anti-Buhari protesters he claimed were in his custody after two days.

“We are hearing they were never returned to police custody after the police handed them over to thugs,” a source in Lokoja had told this newspaper.

“They arranged a Magistrate to secretly try the two guys without legal representation.

“They are reportedly in Kabba prison. The police have refused to release the charges to the public and all efforts by lawyers to get the charges have not been fruitful,” a human rights activist following the case revealed to newsmen.





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