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Independent Day: Nigeria Youths Schedule A Protest To October 1st As They Kick Against Oppression



Nigeria youth have slated a protest to October 1st, Nigeria Independent Day to kick against oppression of the Government of the day.

Since the assuming of President Muhammadu Buhari into the office of the president, the Buhari led government have continue violating the Human Right Law and turning deaf hears to court rule.

Prior to 2019 presidential decision, Omoyele Sowore has been restricted to Abuja by the government of the day for speaking against tyranny, oppression, corruption, bad education system, poor electricity, bad road, poor health-care, insecurity, and poor governance in the country.

Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Igboho are not left behind of President Muhammadu Buhari ill-treatment as different offences had been leveled against them.

Reacting, the Youth said,  “We are sorry, we are not doing Independence Day this year due to tyranny, oppression, corruption, nepotism, #endsars, terrorism, killing of Shiites, extra judicial killings of #Ipob members, Non payment of salaries and wages, insecurity, high school fees, high food prices, spike in electricity tariffs, social media bills, hate speech bills, detention of dissenting voices, election rigging, discrimination against minorities, pollution of Niger Delta environment, medical tourism by our leaders, bad roads, no electricity, lack of funding for education, high perks for useless lawmakers, killing of our soldiers due to embezzlement of monies meant for fighting equipments, oppression by landlords against tenants, police brutality, terrible foreign policies that lets Ghana and South Africa oppress our people, incompetence at all levels by the @muhammadubuhari  regime etc”

Publisher of Sahara Reporters, African Action Congress 2019 presidential candidate and the #RevolutionNow  convener, Omoyele Sowore as well vow to protest on October 1st.

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