How To End Postpartum Depression (PPD) That Makes Mother Not To Bond With Own Child After Putting To Birth

This woman has found it hard to bond with her baby after putting to birth, it was as if the baby wasn’t hers. It has happened to her b4 when she gave birth to her first child but it wasn’t that serious, it resolved in 2wks but this one has persisted for a month so she was scared-

She didn’t speak to anyone about it not even her husband. Her husband noticed the strange behavior but waved it off with maybe it is due to the childbirth as she really went through a lot. To him she would be ok soon, so he was helping in ways he can but the issue didn’t resolve.

5 months later, she was with her baby, and the unimaginable happened, she let the baby slip from her hands to the ground. The husband was shocked and rushed to carry the baby. “Hun, what’s wrong with you”, he said almost shouting.

Her baby survived the fall, with her husband carrying the baby around in an attempt to pacify their son, she burst into tears, she then opened up to her husband about what she has been facing and how she felt. She couldn’t help herself anymore. He started casting and binding, that this is a demonic attack, so they visited various churches but she didn’t get better even after all the all, it wasn’t working, she was getting worse.

Then there was this church they visited, the pastor there who was also medically inclined, he asked them certain questions and from the answers he got, he told them to go and see a doctor that this is not a spiritual issue. That they should hurry. They got to a good hospital and met a doctor and from the information he got and the answers to the questionnaire he gave her to fill there was every proof that she was having postpartum depression (PPD), but to be 100% sure he ran a hormonal test, then it was confirmed, she was suffering from PPD.

hey started her treatment and she kept getting better. Her husband was very supportive throughout her struggles which was the major reason why she could hold on that long without committing suicide as she have thought of that at a point. It took a while but with the constant love and understanding from her husband and support from her parents with the good doctor checking on her she fully got herself and they are happily married ever since.

They were properly counseled and educated about PPD and what to do in case anything like that wants to happen again and things to do to reduce or minimize occurrence of PPD. She and her son are totally doing fine. Happy family. know you have questions, what is this postpartum depression self ? I have answers for you, come with me. Simply put, postpartum depression (PPD) is depression following childbirth. PPD is depression suffered by a mother after childbirth, this condition is greatly influenced by a combination of hormonal changes, psychological adjustment to motherhood, and fatigue or excessive stress.

If after child birth you notice your wife

  1. Rarely sleeps or can’t sleep at all
  2. Is easily irritated
  3. Rarely eats
  4. Lacks motivation, she don’t even enjoy things she enjoys before
  5. She finds it difficult to bond with her baby. She behaves as if it’s not even her baby-

She might be suffering from postpartum depression and she needs immediate care. She needs to see a doctor for proper diagnosis and possible treatment, she might even need to see a therapist. As her husband, u have to always be there for her, making sure she gets enough rest as possible & try to understand & bear with her. With proper care, rest, proper diet, & time, she should get better but if she doesn’t get better, then medications are then used in the treatment.

The condition is treatable and with proper care and medication(s) if necessary she would be ok. If this is not attended to she is likely going to experience major depression later on in life, cause harm not only to herself but even to her baby. There is more than a million cases of postpartum depression per year in Nigeria, so it is very common. Most women don’t speak about it until they harm themselves or their babies.

Please dear husband, look after your wife, pay attention to her in details especially after childbirth. She needs it the most within that period. Don’t be too busy you forget she is your number one priority. The woman in the story made it through because her husband was there for her. And also as a woman be aware of yourself. If you start persistently feeling some kind a way after giving birth speak up. Speak up. Don’t say you can put up with the constant depressive episodes. You might not. If you want to learn new things daily, get daily drug use tips, you can follow me.

@Tobenna__ write from Sub-Pharmacist.

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