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Girl Rejects Her Guy For Doing Iron Bending Work



A girl has rejected her guy for doing iron bending work. She expected him doing a collar job but found out as iron bending.


The guy complained that they have been dating  for the past one year now and she never for once ask him what he is doing for a living, but whenever she ask for money he always give it to her.

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A Facebook user post this 👇

Some girls are very stupid, me and u have been for more than one year now , u never ask me what i do for a living, but when ever u need money, I give it to you, unfortunately just yesterday she saw me working, (iron bending work) she asked, is this what you do for a living And that’s the question she asks me? And since then I have been calling her number, she doesn’t want to pick my called, were did i offend her please? Is it because I’m not doing white coler job or what, Just can’t understand, for me i can’t be ashamed of my job what put food on my table, because without it, u can’t feed me





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