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FG summoned CCECC about delay in the Lagos-Ibadan railroad project



The Minister of Transport, Mr. Rotimi Aomechi, has called on China’s Civil Engineering and Construction Corporation (CCECC), the Contractor who manages the standard Calibration Calibration Railway Project of $ 1.6 billion of Lagos -Ibadan, about the delay in completing it before its start-up.

According to reports gathered the CCECC administration would meet with the Minister on Wednesday in Abuja to give a specific timeline when the seasons would be completed.

However, Amachi, who spoke during the Inspection of the Lagos Project to Ibadan, on Saturday along with the Ministry Officials and the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC), said the runway 157 kilometers long was ready for commissioning .

He said that the ministry was only waiting for President Muhammadu Buhari’s approval to give a specific date that would be available for start-up.

According to the reports that several timelines have elapsed for the implementation of the project that have elapsed due to the interruption precipitated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Last year, CCECC had to reduce workers in place when some of the staff hired the mortal Covid-19.

During the inspection, it was observed that the firm was completing works at the resumption, ebute-metta, adjustment, agbado, kajola, Abeokuta and until the last station.

At the Mobolaji Johnson station, which is the largest Lagos, iron seats have been fixed in the waiting area, but in some section, only few workers were on ground.

According to the minister, while there has been some improvement in the train stations, the contractor seemed to have slowed down.

“We are having a conversation with the Presidency. Once the Office of the President gives us the date for commissioning, we are going to communicate the date.

“So once they give us a date, I like to work under pressure, we are commissioning. If they say we are commissioning on Monday, what’s remaining here? What we have left are just minor things which can be done in one to two days,” he added.

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