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BREAKING: One injured, vehicles burned in another accident at the Otedola Bridge



After the accident on the Otedola Bridge in Lagos, at least one person was injured on Saturday morning and six cars were burned.

According to the collection, the accident occurred between two low-belt trucks at around 2 am, but then a fire broke out, when a 45,000-liter fuel tank truck loaded with diesel rammed the scene of the accident.

The source said that at the time of the bridge, seven vehicles also on the bridge were also hit by fire, but rescuers were able to rescue one.

One died, one came out safely in an auto car accident

The country gathered together. Although all the drivers of the affected vehicles fled to safety before the fire broke out, the motorcyclists of the diesel tanker involved in the fire suffered some injuries before being rescued.

The Lagos State Fire Department confirmed the incident and said it could save the tanker from an explosion directly opposite the Otedola Estate Main Gate.

The agency’s acting financial officer, Mrs. Margaret Adeseye, said that they received a call about the fire at 2:15 in the morning and immediately took measures to control the situation.

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