2023: Osinbajo’s We Must Complete What We Started

Earlier today, the social media platform was awashed with the presidential declaration speech of the Vice-President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo. Though, it has been in the news for some days that the VP would also show an interest in succeeding Buhari as the President of the country but many a people, most especially those of the Bourdillon’s Bullion Van’s owner extraction have been so quick to dismiss it as mere rumour. Their excuse? They believe that the fact that Tinubu identified Osinbajo’s achievements and found him worthy of being appointed the Attorney-General while the former was the Governor of Lagos State makes him a slave who must do nothing that is against the interest of Tinubu.

But, as typical of an average Nigerian politician, the Presidential declaration speech of Osinbajo is stuffed with falsehood, inaccuracies, lies, downright concoctions and trivialities aimed at raising the hopes of Nigerians and painting him as the ‘Messiah’ just as Buhari was presented to the voting masses in 2015. Osinbajo did all he could in his Presidential declaration speech to validate the inefficiency of this administration and to also take a vertical shift away from the hardship this government has inflicted on the Nigerian people which has made the country to be ranked the 12th most fragile State out of 179 countries in the Fragile States Index 2021.

Osinbajo claimed in the 3rd paragraph of his declaration speech that he has visited “our gallant troops in the North East and our brothers and sisters in the IDP camps” and that he has “felt the pain and anguish of victims in violent conflicts, terrorist attacks, flooding, fire and other disasters.” To him, these are achievements which qualify him to be elected the President of the country. But, he failed to admit how the aforementioned illustrates the helplessness, carelessness and incompetence of this government and how this government has lost bearing. This is a government that looks forlornly lost in the face of insecurity ravaging the country while insisting that it inherited insecurity, taking no bold step to salvage the situation.

We all know that, in 2015, Buhari’s electoral allure was his ‘capability’ and ‘willingness’ to tackle corruption and insecurity. Today, Osinbajo’s is his eloquence, and a perceived disruption of the cabal system being a ‘saint’. Rather than sweet-tongue as usual in the face of the present realities, Osinbajo should admit that this government needs help and that it has lost bearing. He should also admit that Buhari has been playing sectional politics for the past 7 years.

Also, Osinbajo’s statement that “we must complete what we started” negate his ‘plan’ of making “the love of our nation burns alike in the hearts of boys and girls…” The statement shows that Osinbajo is warming up to finish the disintegration agenda that was launched by Maj. Gen. Buhari (rtd.) which has made national cohesion to be under severe strain. Its implication is that Osinbajo intends to sustain the legacy of ruin Buhari and their party, the APC has bequeathed to Nigeria which has left democracy imperiled and the country on the brink of unravelling.

Those trying to exonerate Osinbajo in the face of the crisis this government has brought upon the surface of the country must understand that this same man chaired the economy and messed things up with sweet lies in the implementations of deregulation and currency devaluation and that he also handled the IDP welfare programme which was so woeful amongst others.

It is essential we begin to puzzle about what has been started that needs to be completed. The last eight years has been marked with bloodshed across the nation, abuse of fundamental human rights, disregard for the judiciary by the executive officers and security personnels, inflation, molestation of civilians by men on uniform, infrastructure decay, abuse of public properties among others. In this stead, embarking on a mission to complete what has been started should leave us with clear-cut fact that we may only be embarking on a journey to bury a dying nation. Rather than retrace our steps and fix the faults, if the mission is to complete the journey of burning the nation down, we should fear for what would be left of us all after the journey ends.

Nigeria will be great again. But this requires our conscientious and collaborative effort in identifying wrongs, impunities and maladministration and standing vehemently against such.

Nigeria and Nigerians will overcome.

Kazeem Olalekan Israel (GANI) writes from Ibadan, Oyo State.

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