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1M young Africans to get jobs in 2030 – Report



The Anzisha Prize, in partnership with Mastercard Foundation and the African Leadership Academy, has published a report that shows one million employment opportunities for 2030 for young Africans unemployed.

The impact report affirmed that the inexperience of young people is perhaps their greatest active because they are successful entrepreneurs who create jobs for their colleagues.

“Today’s young Africans are three times more likely than generation before they are unemployed, and this was before the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, but our research and data in the last 10 years have shown that African entrepreneurs very Young people are exceptional in creating job opportunities for other young people, “Executive Director of Anzisha Award, Josh Adler, said.

By addressing several stakeholders, the report offers a guide on how a coordinated movement of these key influencers can change the trajectory of entrepreneurship in Africa for young people.

The Anzisha Prize has supported 142 young Africans through the Entrepreneurship Scholarship Program, while these entrepreneurs have created more than 2,500 jobs.

However, the report pointed out that despite the proven record that young entrepreneurs provide opportunities for their colleagues, there should be a focus on the support of early turning transitions to enterprise.

The commentary, the Regional Foundation of Mastercard Africa, Daniel Hailu, said young people have the greatest participation in the economic future of Africa and the Anzisha Prize has shown that they are ready to roll up their sleeves and build that future.

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